Sunday, 22 April 2018

2 for the Paintbrush

Finished Milliputing the two figures earlier this morning. A quick undercoat in red/brown and they are now ready for the paintbrush.

Shoot 3

Fortunately I made most of the civilian figures some years ago and they continue to find cameo appearances in many of my photographs. I am not sure how many I made/converted but it must be at 200 at a guess. Sculpting the odd civilian figure gives just as much enjoyment as a military figure.
Currently on the workbench is an NCO for Prussian regiment the 34, and an officer without a regiment. Looking through the cabinet it would seem that this is last of the Prussian regimental NCO's. Later in the year IR 26 will be painted and that will need an NCO, however the officer vignette is already painted as are the grenadiers.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

That Advancing Figure and Another

I quickly added an Austrian head to the advancing figure shown in the last post. Not glued but a quick pin to hold in place. I quite like the result, food for thought if I decide to do any more moulds in the future.
I have also shown a size comparison with the advancing figure made back in the 70's. I think an element of scale creep took place in the intervening years.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Why Not Advancing Figures

Rummaging through my boxes of castings I came across one of the first figures I made for the AWI Hessians after I stopped giving/selling my castings. So these must be over 30 years old.
These are the original production castings, the three in the photograph are the same but there are others where the equipment is in slightly different positions, perfect for the SYW. I had a few units painted up as Hessians, but I got the 'marching figure bug' and never revisited these figures.
The third photograph shows how good the pose can look for the AWI.
The fourth shows attempts to make the advancing pose more interesting, not sure I succeeded. These newly found production masters cast in hard tin are very crisp castings and could easily be made into Frei-Korps for all European nations and additional Empire recruits. Something else to consider over the summer months.

Shoot 2

For me taking photographs is one of my favourite pastimes in the hobby. Setting up takes minutes when you have the right props.
Yes, the BR buildings are wonderful, but I treasure the trees I have purchased or made over the years. The variety of foliage colour is so important when taking photographs.
I have no special lighting, just daylight and normal room lights.
A good camera is a must.
Narrative if required:
1. Are we all here?
2. Can you see me now!
3. 'Charge'
4. Take this to Cornwallis
5. My monies on.....

Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Fun of a Photo-Shoot

For me there are two types of photo-shoots:
1. Showing the moves of an engagement, such as those in Wargaming in History and Refighting History by Charles. S. Grant. These are wonderful books. It is not easy to describe the events unfold in single photographs but I believe these books accomplish the task superbly.
2. Storyline photographs that often need no written narrative.
Trying to make 1. above look interesting to the eye is most difficult, and as I say few can replicate what Charles achieves in his books. I often see Blog posts of 18th century battles and frankly they are a 'turn off', and I rarely look.
The best photographs that fall into 2. above are shown on the Scheck's Zinnsoldatenkriege Blog. Peter is by far and away the best photographer and user of behind the scene magic enhancement, producing some of the finest hobby photographs I have ever seen.
I have a simple photo-shop. For 2. I like photo-shop but I am too old to bother with it!
So over the next few Blog posts I will share some of the photographs I have taken that fall into category 2. If they needed a narrative:
Photo 1........hmmmm
2..................get ready!
3..................time to go
4..................better hurry or you will miss the battle!