Sunday, 22 January 2017

Standing Grenadier Battalion 1

ST G-B 1 joined the Prussian army today as I completed basing the battalion. This grenadier battalion probably not in many collections, fought in some of the major battles during the SYW.
Yesterday, I received an email from a non-book owner, complimenting the figures shown on the AMG Blog. Part of the lovely email was devoted to the vignettes and how they brought to life the photographs.
The focus of my European collection is the marching figures and shouldered sabres for cavalry troopers. The 'specials' as I call them are focused on movement around the regiments with Officers and NCO types doing their job in keeping the rank and file in order. The Mollwitz game has a few hundred of these but the overall collection many hundreds more.
The plan this year was to concentrate on more 'specials' for both the AWI and Europe but Polish Winged Hussars and others have taken my fancy. So 2017 could well be, whatever I can do in Milliput channelled to having more metal castings.
The second photo shows Austrian Officers and NCO's trying to hold the line during the Mollwitz battle. Showing once again how boring marching figures can be enhanced by these little 'specials'.

Saturday, 21 January 2017


The Prussian infantry start to push forward after the Austrian cavalry (Romer's) on the right wing have  now been pushed back. In fact all four Austrian cavalry regiments were either routing or retreating.
The question now is will the Austrian infantry hold their nerve when those 'blue walls' of Prussian infantry get close.
With still a few moves left, I have 265 photographs saved. So we will definitely have over 300 by the end. With some pruning and John H on the case, I think we will have enough for another book.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Schwerin takes Command

With the battle of Mollwitz in full flow, Field Marshal von Schwerin takes command of the Prussians.
Also a photograph of a few Prussian recruits which arrived this morning. Some Minden Brummers and a battalion of Garrison Grenadiers.

Monday, 16 January 2017


I have lost count how many photographs I have taken but this must be the most photographed game ever. Loads of close-ups and sufficient distance shots to show the story without having to write  streams of narrative.
General von Romer's cavalry(top of photo) have now attacked the Prussian right.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Mollwitz without Snow 3

As of this morning I have taken 110 photographs. However, the best so far was edited by AMG member Chris Gregg, snow was added and the photograph totally transformed and looks spectacular. This single photo is how I see the final Mollwitz photographs.
Anyway, the two photos on this post are without snow but from the Austrian side of the table.
A quick count up of figures earlier today was approximately 1400 without the three Hussar units on the table. So my estimation of 1500 was not that far off.
Another reminder, if you have the book pop over to the Forum. Three book owners have joined in the last week. The historical periods covered are mainly 17/18th Century. We are not the biggest Forum, but with no pseudonyms we are all on first name terms which is a more healthy environment.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Mollwitz without Snow 2

With the exception of 3 squadrons of cavalry and the first battalion of IR15 all the Prussian army required for Mollwitz is on the table. These will come on the table as the game progresses.
I have taken 100's of photographs already, including some snow scenes and early maneovoures from both sides.
From the two photographs you can see that by the inclusion of the vignette specials the marching pose figures look perfect for 18th century engagements....No longer branded....'Old School' my collection. 
Next placing the Austrian army on the table.
If you wish to see more, rather than snippets on this Blog, then pop over to the AMG Forum.