Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Part of a Very Full Workbench

Very busy here at AMG HQ.
The workbench is spilling over onto more than one table.
On view just a small fraction. Just started the refurbishment of Prussian IR34. Also a new vignette is in progress. The Walloon Guard have arrived, these will be station in Mexico for the start of the Colonial Campaign. More Spanish troops arrive, flags on view.
Not shown the completion of Prussian IR12, 54 figure regiment, all they await are the flags.
More Prussian flags are due to arrive shortly for, IR 12, 19 and 26. How many sets of Prussian flags will I have then....34 + garrison battalions.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Only Two Left

Yes, that is the number of books still available for sale. Having sold one yesterday, we only have two of the original 500 unsold.
A book that hobby dreams are built on.
It is very doubtful the book will ever be re-published, certainly not in my lifetime.

Friday, 17 February 2017

AMG Three Years Old

In September it will be four years since we released the AMG book, time flies. But more importantly today was the third anniversary of the AMG Forum.
The Forum remains relatively busy for a Private Forum, and new members continue to join, not necessarily from a recent book purchase but only recently becoming aware of the forum, or simply returning after time off.
One of the most liveliest threads is that from Doug Mason (Yes, the Man of many a front magazine cover ), who recently took possession of a large collection of painted Napoleonic's, many of which were his, many years ago.  

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Refurbishment Part 1

I mentioned on an older post my intention to revisit the AWI Collection and do a little revamping.
One part of the collection ( all of which is Southern Theatre ) is to change some of the figures that are part of Lt. Colonel Archibald troops that were sent to Georgia in late 1778. The 1st and 2nd battalions of De Lancey's were part of that expedition. When we did these some decades ago we were under the impression they had blue facings. Evidence now points to them having green earlier in the war, changing to blue nearer the end.
So Mark has now painted a new unit with green facings. The light company shown in the photos was painted some years ago and all I did today was re-paint the facings to match the new unit.
The four Provincial battalions had to furnish draughts for a light battalion. Whilst on board ship the following order was issued to the commanding officers of the Provincials:
' and that the Men shall be such who have distinguished themselves as good Marksmen; and who have Health, Activity and Resolution for Enterprise'
74 officers and men were drawn from the two battalions. Leaving 219 men remaining in the 1st batt & 160 in the 2nd batt.
On reaching Georgia, the four companies of these ad-hoc light companies were split. 2 companies each attached to the light companies of the 71st. More of this on a future post.
Of the six light infantrymen figures, including officer, some have shortened jackets and cut down hats.....sort of a half way house, as they were not originally lights.
To date I have not found evidence that after the Campaign they continued as lights, more likely, they returned to their parent battalions.
One or two of the photographs show the subtle uniform variation I have with my AWI figures. All advancing but with varying equipment. From the front this would not be as noticeable. The white bearskin for the drummer in one of the vignettes is 'artistic licence' on my part.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Something about Red and Green

This photograph was taken during my current table-top setting based in East Prussia. Where a combined force of Austro/Russians are taking on the Prussians.
The problem with the Russian army in the 18th century is the lack of uniform variety (facing colours etc) within the infantry, however, you forget that with a photograph showing the splendour of the grenadiers in red and green.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

From that to That

Made from a dolly casting and painted as a grenadier NCO for the Garrison battalion featuring in the current table-top encounter based in East Prussia.
The NCO poses are proving very valuable vignettes for enhancing photos. So far I have added variants to some Prussian/Austrian/Spanish and AWI British regiments. In total about 45 so far. As and when required I will continue to add more to the collection.
I have put up a thread on AMG showing photos of how I made the latest NCO.