Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Three More Ready to Paint

Today finished the third of my new Russian NCOs. I am slowly working through each army and adding NCOs. Given the size of the collection it will take a few years.
So far I have made and painted, excluding the three in the photograph, 48.
I think they add the desired movement and visual interest for the large marching regiments

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Still Unfinished

For the past few weeks the Konigsberg game with my grandson remains unfinished. In fact we have made no moves since the last musketry fire.
Currently I am making Russian NCOs and drawing up lists of figures to make and figures that are needed for the next mould. So very busy on the hobby front.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Another Vignette for the Table-top

The flag from Mark arrived this morning allowing me to solder it to both figures. Then a little Milliput to build the hands.
Now based it is ready for action................well in the future. Tomorrow I have to start some NCOs for the Russians.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


John H. came yesterday and downloaded onto his computer the 300+ photographs of the Mollwitz game. Managed to reduce it to that number!
From the 1st of April John will start working through the photographs. I wish we could use all the photographs but that would be impractical. Some are fantastic but with a little work from John they will be even better. 
I have already drafted out the chapter headings and where to place the artwork of the late Bob Marrion.
I have already made the front cover figure and I await the flag from Mark. 
It is great to be working with John H. once again. We are already talking about the follow ups, but time will tell.
If we do get the format to the publishers we will NOT be doing large print numbers.
Managed to paint the two figures for the most recent vignette, awaiting flag......not the one for the Mollwitz, that is something really 'Special'.

Monday, 20 March 2017

FM von Schwerin

Today finished Milliputing my version of the vignette FM Schwerin. Yes, at the Battle of Prague but 10 yards prior to his fatal end. Hear we see him grabbing the flag from an NCO of IR24.
The actual flag for IR24 will arrive this week, so a substitute is used in the photographs. On arrival I will solder the flag to both figures and make the relevant hands. In the meantime I will paint the two figures.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Kozludji or Kozludzha or Kozludzhi, June 10, 1774

If you are a regular visitor to the AMG Blog you will have seen my references to gaming this battle in 2017.
The plan is to have eight of the action Janissary Ortas. We currently have only five painted and so over the past three days I have prepped another.
We have all the other Ottomans and Russians needed to put this battle on the table.